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Bag envy and burqas

June 26, 2012

Our daughter Sarah is back from college in Manhattan, where she’s a fashion design major at Parsons.

Her summer job is selling women’s clothing and accessories in a high-end ready to wear boutique on rue St. Honoré in Paris.  The other day, three women in burqas (sans outlawed niqab veil) entered the boutique.

The fact they were wearing burquas wasn’t surprising, as the sales help are accustomed to shrouded Middle Eastern clients.

Instead of browsing the racks, the woman clustered by the door fishing in their Hermès ‘Kelly’ bags.

They each pulled out a fitted transparent plastic cover, slipped it over their handbag and headed out into the rain without a word.

Sarah was miffed she didn’t capture the scene on camera.  Funny how clothing intended to repel the gaze of lascivious men, throws into high relief an accessory that’s the object of intense envy among status hungry fashionistas.

Who could help but stare.


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